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digestive Crohn disease

Monday 29 September 2003


- gastric Crohn disease (Crohn gastritis)
- intestinal Crohn disease (Crohn enteritis)

  • ileal Crohn disease (Crohn ileitis)

- colonic Crohn disease (Crohn colitis)
- rectal Crohn disease (Crohn rectitis)
- anal Crohn disease (Crohn proctitis)


- Locus IBD1
- Locus IBD2
- Locus IBD3
- Locus IBD4
- Locus IBD5 - 5q31 cytokine gene cluster
- Locus IBD6
- Locus CARD15
- vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism (10896912)


- Ileal Crohn disease by Washington Deceit

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