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trabecular tumors

Tuesday 27 May 2008

Definition: Trabecular tumors are tumors with trabecular architectural pattern.


- trabecular tumor with signet ring cells (pale stainig cytoplasm
and eccentric nuclei)
- trabecular tumor with cuboidal or columnar cells embedded in a mucinous matrix
- trabecular tumor with polygonal or round cells with abundant clear cytoplasm and central nuclei
- trabecular tumor with lipocytic clear cells
- trabecular tumor with sebaceous type cells (hibernomatous cells)
- trabecular tumor with round or polygonal cells with central nuclei
- trabecular tumor with small cells embedded in mucinous material
- trabecular tumor with round cells with eccentric nuclei (plasmacytoid cells)
- trabecular tumor with abundant eosinophilic or granular cells
- trabecular ctumor with palissaded peripheral cells
- trabecular tumor with slender trabeculae with palissaded cells
- trabecular tumor with irregularly arranged spindled cells

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