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6p24.2 HGNC:4198 MIM.603716

Thursday 12 March 2009

Glial cells missing 2 (Gcm2) is a master regulatory gene of parathyroid gland development, and it is exclusively expressed in the parathyroid gland.

Expression in tumors

Gcm2 nuclear expression is seen in all the normal parathyroid glands, and cystic, hyperplastic, and neoplastic parathyroid lesions in a diffuse manner.

No Gcm2 expression is seen in any other normal tissues and tumors, including those of the thymus and thyroid gland.

Anti-Gcm2 antibody is a highly sensitive and specific marker for parathyroid lesions.

Although the immunohistochemistry stain for parathyroid hormone is a useful marker, its reaction tends to be variable in extent and intensity in parathyroid neoplasia.

Itt is often negative in parathyroid cysts.

Gcm2 would serve as a useful adjunct marker.


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