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vascular tumors

Thursday 30 October 2003

vasoformative tumors


- "Vascular Tumors of the Skin". Jerad gardner. May 2015 DermTalks webinar.

Digital cases

- UI:703 - Cutaneous glomus tumor.
- JRC:10992 : Cutaneous glomus tumor.


-  vascular malformations
- benign vascular tumors

- hemangioendotheliomas

- lymphatic anomalies

- malignant vascular tumors

- hemangiopericytic tumors

- glomus tumors (glomic tumors )


- epithelioid vascular tumors

According to the localization

- bone vascular tumors (osseous vascular tumors)
- cutaneous vascular tumors
- hepatic vascular tumors
- muscular vascular tumors
- soft tissue vascular tumors
- cardiac vascular tumors
- splenic vascular tumors

Vascular tumors with lobular architecture

- lobular capillary hemangioma
- pyogenic granuloma
- infantile hemangioma
- some congenital hemangiomas (RICH and NICH )

β-Adrenergic receptor expression in vascular tumors (22743651)

Propranolol has recently emerged as an effective therapy for infantile hemangiomas causing regression.

The β-adrenergic receptor (AR) antagonist is thought to cause vasoconstriction by its effect on nitric oxide, block angiogenesis by its effect on vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), and induce apoptosis.

The expression of β2-AR (B2-AR) and its phosphorylated form (B2-ARP) have been identified in a case of infantile hemangioma that responded to propranolol treatment.

Although immunohistochemical expression of the receptors does not necessarily indicate that similar pathways of responsiveness to β-blockade are present, it does raises the possibility that β-blockade could potentially affect apoptosis and decrease responsiveness to VEGF.

See also

- cutaneous tumors
- vascular malformations


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