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duodenal hyperplastic polyp

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Hyperplastic polyp of the duodenum

Benign serrated polyps are commonly found in the colorectum but have rarely been described in other parts of the gastrointestinal tract. Hyperplastic polyps or sessile serrated polyps in the colorectum can be associated. (21733555)

In a study, no patient met the criteria for serrated polyposis. (21733555)

Although probably rare and of uncertain malignant potential, duodenal hyperplastic polyp should be considered in the differential diagnosis of benign duodenal polyp.


The histologic appearance of the benign serrated polyps of the duodenum is similar to microvesicular hyperplastic polyp in the colorectum.


Immunostaining for mucins shows MUC6 expression in the crypt bases of all polyps, MUC5AC expression in 89%, and mucin 2 expression in 67%. (21733555)


Molecular testing showed BRAF mutation (V600E) in some polyps, KRAS mutation in some polyps. (21733555)


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