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Sunday 23 November 2003

Aneuploidy is an abnormal chromosome number. Aneuploidy is never detected in normal cells. Aneuploidy is ubiquitous in human cancer and is seen as whole chromosome gains and losses, unbalanced translocations and inversions, duplications, deletions and loss of heterozygosity.

- aneuploidy is the most common characteristic of human solid tumours. It has therefore been proposed that aneuploidy contributes to, or even drives, tumour development.

- aneuploidy and the mitotic checkpoint

  • The mitotic checkpoint guards against chromosome mis-segregation by delaying cell-cycle progression through mitosis until all chromosomes have successfully made spindle-microtubule attachments.
  • Defects in the mitotic checkpoint generate aneuploidy and might facilitate tumorigenesis, but more severe disabling of checkpoint signalling is a possible anticancer strategy.


- constitutional aneuploidy
- tumoral aneuploidy

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