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Friday 12 October 2012

Acanthomas are benign tumors of epidermal keratinocytes

The proliferating cells may show normal epidermoid keratinization or a wide range of aberrant keratinization, including epidermolytic hyperkeratosis (epidermolytic acanthoma), dyskeratosis with acantholysis (warty dyskeratoma), or acantholysis alone (acantholytic acanthoma).

Keratoacanthomas are not usually considered in this category, although there is no logical reason for their exclusion.


- epidermolytic acanthoma
- warty dyskeratoma
- acantholytic acanthoma
- seborrheic keratosis
- dermatosis papulosa nigra
- melanoacanthoma
- clear cell acanthoma
- clear cell papulosis
- large cell acanthoma.

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