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Tuesday 2 April 2013


- A study of transgenic mice with long-term expression of pleiomorphic adenoma gene-like 2 (PLAGL2), a surfactant protein C (SP-C) transactivator, in type II cells showed the manifestation of centrilobular emphysema in vivo.

  • Since emphysema is an independent risk factor for bronchogenic carcinoma, it has been hypothesized that the mouse lungs with induced PLAGL2-expression had increased incidences in developing lung adenocarcinoma.
  • Some data data suggested a pathological role of PLAGL2 in lung adenocarcinoma development and a preferable prognosis of low PLAGL2 expression in female patients. (21397355)


- Pleiomorphic adenoma gene-like 2 expression is associated with the development of lung adenocarcinoma and emphysema. Yang YS, Yang MC, Weissler JC. Lung Cancer. 2011 Oct;74(1):12-24. doi : 10.1016/j.lungcan.2011.02.006 PMID: 21397355 [Free]