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vulvar vascular anomalies

Monday 8 April 2019

The subepidermal hormonally sensitive tissue of the vulva is anatomically unique and may give rise to a wide variety of vascular tumors.

In a study (23348141), vascular lesions belonging to the following classes included (n, %total) :
- benign vascular tumors (32, 38%),
- dilatations of preexisting vessels (31, 36%),
- hyperplasia/reactive (7, 8%),
- tumors with significant vascular component (11, 13%),
- malformations (3, 4%),
- malignant vascular tumors (1, 1%).

Two reaction patterns based on vulvar lymphatic pathology were identified: one is a stromal dominant pattern and the other is a vascular dominant pattern.

Vulvar vascular malformations and true vascular malignancies, although rare, may have associated high morbidity.

To accurately classify vulvar lymphatic lesions, the pathologist must carefully consider the patient’s clinical history taking into account features such as preexisting lymphedema.


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