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ovarian inclusion cyst

Saturday 9 February 2019

ovarian surface inclusion cysts; Cortical inclusion cysts


Definition : Invaginations of the ovarian surface epithelium into the ovarian cortex.


- peritoneal serous inclusion cyst: lined by flat epithelium invaginated from ovarian surface epithelium; these express a peritoneal phenotype (calretinin, WT1 and D2-40 positive, PAX8 and BerEP4 negative)

- Müllerian inclusion cyst

  • lined by ciliated tubal epithelium as a result of implantation of tubal epithelium in the ovarian parenchyma, presumably at the time of ovulation when the ovarian surface epithelium is disrupted;
  • these express a tubal Müllerian phenotype (PAX8, BerEP4 and WT1 positive, calretinin and D2-40 negative)
  • Size is less than 1 cm; if more than 1 cm, by convention the lesion is designated as serous cystadenoma or serous cystadenofibroma

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