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Monday 9 June 2003

GLUT1 is an erythrocyte-type glucose transporter protein that is highly expressed by endothelia in brain (but not most peripheral)microvasculature, and by tumor cells in many epithelial malignancies.

GLUT1 is expressed by endothelial cells in juvenile hemangiomas and VHL-associated hemangioblastomas.


- mutations in GLUT1 deficiency

Expression in normal cells

- red cells
- placental chorionic villi
- perineurial cells

Expression in tumors

- infantile hemangioma (10665907)
- VHL-associated hemangioblastomas (7595657)
- GLUT1+ hepatic infantile hemangioma (HIH)
- sclerosing perineurioma
- intraneural perineurioma (15086844)


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