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intramuscular myxoma

Tuesday 3 February 2004

Intramuscular myxoma is a benign soft-tissue tumor that presents as a deeply seated mass confined to skeletal muscle.


Intramuscular myxoma (cellular myxoma) have sometimes been known as low-grade myxoid neoplasm with recurrent potential.

They in fact have only a very low rate of local non-destructive recurrence and which should not be confused with myxofibrosarcoma.



Digital case

- JRC:2276 : Soft tissueas (thigh). Intramuscular myxoma. Special stains (not included): CD34: + / desmin, HHF35, SMActin, F13a, CD68: negative. 51 y/o female.


- hypocellular, hypovascular regions
- cytologically bland stellate and bipolar fibroblasts separated by abundant extracellular myxoid matrix
- areas of increased cellularity and vascularity that can lead to a mistaken diagnosis of sarcoma

  • The hypercellular regions are not associated with cytologic atypia of the constituent cells, mitotic activity, or necrosis. (9777984)


- absence of MUC4 expression. (23685711)


- hyperdiploidy
- trisomy 18

Differential diagnosis

- myxofibrosarcoma
- low-grade fibromyxoid sarcoma (LGFMS)
- myxoid liposarcoma


- Surgical excision is virtually always curative. - Recurrence, even after incomplete resection, is exceptional.

See also

- myxoid tumors


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