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apocrine tubular adenoma

Saturday 7 November 2020


Definition : Benign dermal adnexal neoplasm of apocrine derivation.

Differential diagnosis

- apocrine tumors

  • apocrine cystadenoma : more dilated, cystic spaces rather than tubules
  • papillary apocrine carcinoma : more cytologic atypia, irregular nuclear contours and a higher mitotic rate

- hidradenoma papilliferum

  • often has complex arborizing papillae
  • more closely arranged tumor cells and glands
  • Limited to female genital region

- papillary eccrine adenoma: classically has features of eccrine rather than apocrine derivation; lacks decapitation secretion; different clinical presentation and distribution

- syringocystadenoma papilliferum:

  • Usually connects to epidermis
  • Fibrovascular cores within papillary structures
  • Plasma cells within stroma

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