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basal cell adenoma

Monday 8 March 2004

BCA; basal cell adenoma of the parotid gland; salivary basal cell adenoma


Definition: Basal cell adenoma is an uncommon epithelial neoplasm of the salivary gland most commonly arising in the parotid glands. It presents as a slowly progressing, large parapharyngeal mass. Histopathology revealed a well-encapsulated mass with characteristic histomorphology.


- Basal cell adenoma


- parotid glands (mostly)
- minor salivary gland


- pancytokeratin+
- S-100+
- smooth muscle actin+ (myoepithelial cells)
- carcinoembryonic antigen+ (ACE+)
- vimentin+

Differential diagnosis

- intercalated duct adenoma (IDA)
- epithelial-myoepithelial carcinoma (EMC)

See also

- salivary tumors / salivary gland tumors