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antigen processing machinery

Thursday 22 April 2004

The antigen processing machinery (APM) plays an important role in immune recognition of virally infected and transformed cells. Defective expression of several APM components is associated with progression and clinical outcome in cervical carcinoma.


Genetic variation in the genes encoding APM components is known to be associated with risk of occurrence of several malignancies.

Genetic variation of the antigen processing machinery (APM) components TAP2, LMP7, and ERAP1 is related to cervical carcinoma risk, although the relation with expression and clinical outcome remains unknown.

The location of the ERAP1-127 SNP in the peptidase M1 domain of the ERAP1 aminopeptidase suggests the possibility of direct functional consequences of variation at this locus.

- cervical peidermoid carcinoma (cervical cancer)

  • Genetic variation in APM component genes, particularly ERAP1, is an important contributing factor in cervical carcinogenesis, progressive tumor growth and survival.


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