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urachal anomalies

Monday 26 April 2004

Abnormalities of the urachus are rare among children and include a patent tract and cyst formation. These structures can also be affected by infection and abscess development.

They are usually diagnosed during infancy and treated by surgical resection. Involvement of this remnant by either benign or malignant tumors is very infrequent.

Urachal anomalies usually present at or shortly after birth. They may present as periumbilical dermatitis.

A patent urachus will result in the passage of urine from the umbilicus.

Urachal sinuses and deeper cysts result from partial obliteration of the urachus, with small persistent areas.


- urachal cysts
- urachal sinus
- urachal fistula
- bladder diverticula (vesical diverticula)
- urachal tumors

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