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succinate dehydrogenase

Wednesday 2 June 2004

SDH, mitochondrial complex II, succinate-ubiquinone oxiereductase, mitochondrial succinate dehydrogenase

Components: |SDHA |SDHB |SDHC |SDHD |

The succinate dehydrogenase complex has several cofactors, including flavin, iron-sulfur centers and heme.


- In genetic diseases

  • Leigh syndrome (SDHA)
  • deficiency of complex II of mitochondrial respiratory chain (MIM.252011) (SDHA)
  • susceptibility to head and neck paraganglioma (SDHB, SDHC, SDHD)
  • familial and isolated phaeochromocytoma (SDHD and SDHB)
  • early onset renal cell carcinoma (RCC) (SDHB)
  • pheochromocytoma-paraganglioma syndrome
  • Cowden disease (18678321)
  • Cowden-like syndromes (18678321)

- in tumors


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