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odontogenic tumors

Wednesday 8 September 2004


Definition: Odontogenic tumours comprise a group of lesions that have in common that they arise from the odontogenic tissues, either the epithelial part of the tooth germ, the ectomesenchymal part, or both.

Their behaviour varies from frankly neoplastic, including metastatic potential, to non-neoplastic hamartomatous. Some of them may recapitulate normal tooth development, including the formation of dental hard tissues such as enamel, dentin and cementum.

Most of them show a radiolucent appearance in which calcified areas may be observed if mineralized tissues are formed. Unless specifically stated, they can be cured by simple enucleation.


- ameloblastomas

  • benign ameloblastoma
  • malignant ameloblastoma

- ameloblastic fibro-odontoma
- ameloblastic fibroma
- ameloblastic fibrosarcoma
- odontogenic fibroma
- odontogenic myxoma

- adenomatoid odontogenic tumor
- odontogenic carcinoma

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