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Saturday 19 March 2005

Septins (SEPTs) are implicated in formation of the cytoskeleton, cell division and tumorigenesis.

Septins are a family of conserved proteins that form hetero-oligomeric complexes that assemble into filaments. The filaments can be organized into linear arrays, coils, rings and gauzes.

They serve as membrane-associated scaffolds and as barriers to demarcate local compartments, especially for the establishment of the septation site for cytokinesis. Studies in budding and fission yeast have revealed many of the protein-protein interactions that govern the formation of multi-septin complexes.

GTP binding and phosphorylation direct the polymerization of filaments that is required for septin-collar assembly in budding yeast, whereas a homolog of anillin instructs timely formation of the ring of septin filaments at the medial cortex in fission yeast.




- germline mutations in the gene septin 9 (SEPT9) in Hereditary neuralgic amyotrophy (HNA) linked to chromosome 17q25

  • Hereditary neuralgic amyotrophy (HNA) is an autosomal dominant recurrent neuropathy affecting the brachial plexus. HNA is triggered by environmental factors such as infection or parturition. HNA is the first monogenetic disease caused by mutations in a gene of the septin family.

- SEPTs in fusion genes


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