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Tuesday 16 May 2006


2016 WHO classification

- cutaneous mastocytosis / CM

  • maculopapular cutaneous mastocytosis / MPCM = urticaria pigmentosa / UP
  • diffuse cutaneous mastocytosis / DCM
  • mastocytoma of the skin / cutaneous mastocytoma

- systemic mastocytosis / SM

  • indolent systemic mastocytosis
  • smoldering systemic mastocytosis
  • SM with associated hematologic neoplasm / SM-AHN / SH-AHNMD
  • aggressive systemic mastocytosis
  • mast cell leukemia / MCL

- mast cell sarcoma / MCS


- localized mastocytosis

  • solitary mastocytoma
  • cutaneous mastocytosis
    • diffuse cutaneous mastocytosis
    • solitary cutaneous mastocytosis
    • pigmentaria urticaria

- systemic mastocytosis


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- Mastocytosis: pathology, genetics, and current options for therapy.
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