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GIST tumorlets

Tuesday 9 January 2007

Small hyalinizing stromal tumors of the proximal stomach are precursor lesions of sporadic GISTs.

Sporadic GIST tumorlets of the proximal stomach are common in the general population over the age of 50 years and frequently show somatic c-KIT mutations.

GIST tumorlets probably represent the grossly recognizable counterpart of sporadic ICC hyperplasia caused by somatic c-KIT or PDGFRA mutations.

Early hyalinization and calcification seems to confer limited growth potential, and complete regression of such lesions is common.

GIST tumorlets likely represent preclinical (preneoplastic) lesions that need additional stimuli to evolve into clinical GISTs, raising the possibility of a hyperplasia-neoplasia sequence in the development of sporadic GISTs.

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- spindle cells

  • vimentin+, CD117+, and CD34+

- hyalinization and calcification (57%)

Molecular biology

- c-KIT mutations (46%)
- PDGFRA mutations (4%)


- Agaimy A, Wunsch PH, Hofstaedter F, Blaszyk H, Rummele P, Gaumann A, Dietmaier W, Hartmann A. Minute Gastric Sclerosing Stromal Tumors (GIST Tumorlets) Are Common in Adults and Frequently Show c-KIT Mutations. Am J Surg Pathol. 2007 Jan;31(1):113-120. PMID: 17197927