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phyllodes tumor

Wednesday 17 January 2007

phyllodes tumor of the breast


Definition: Phyllodes tumors are rare, fast growing tumors that usually present in women in their 40s -50s. They can be benign, borderline or malignant, and are treated with wide local excision without axillary dissection. Histologically they are biphasic, with the stroma determining the grade.

Phyllodes tumor is a biphasic tumor and consists of hypercellular stroma underneath the cleft-like spaces lined by benign glandular epithelium. There are overalapping histologic features between fibroadenoma and phyllodes tumor. The amount and appearance of stroma helps distinguish between the two. Size larger than 4 cm and a history of rapid growth favors the diagnosis of phyllodes tumor.


- Phyllodes tumor of the breast, arising in fibroadenoma

- FNA: Cytology of Borderline Phyllodes Tumor

- A spindle cell tumor in core bx (L) can be a phyllodes tumor where the epithelial component goes unsampled

- Phyllodes tumor with lipoblastic differentiation


- benign phyllodes tumor
- borderline phyllodes tumor
- malignant phyllodes tumor


- Multiple, polypoid nodules are separated by cleft-like spaces.
- Possible pre-existing old fibroadenoma.

- The phyllodes tumor contains hyperplastic ducts and cellular stroma.
- Hyperplastic ducts surrounded by fibrous stroma with low and high cellularity.
- In the fibrosarcomatous stroma, the tumor cells have elongated, hyperchromatic nuclei undergoing active mitosis.
- Irregular infiltrative borders extending into adipose tissue.

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- Updates on Phyllodes Tumor of the Breast. 2016 @ArchivesPath



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