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pulmonary mucinous tumors

Sunday 21 January 2007

mucinous cystadenoma, multilocular cystic carcinoma, mucinous cystic tumor, cystic mucinous adenocarcinoma, mucinous cystic tumors of borderline malignancy, mucinous (colloid) carcinoma (MC), mucinous cystoadenocarcinoma, mucinous adenocarcinoma with signet-ring cells

Definition: Primary lung tumors in which neoplastic cells float in large mucin pools.

Digital cases

- JRC:1597 : Cystic mucinous adenocarcinoma.
- JRC:6232 : pulmonary mucinous adenocarcinoma.


- Wikimedia: Mucinous lung adenocarcinoma


- pulmonary mucinous adenoma

  • localized cystic mass filled with mucin and surrounded by a fibrous wall lined by well-differentiated columnar mucinous epithelium

- pulmonary mucinous adenocarcinoma

  • cystic adenocarcinoma with copious mucin production resembling tumors of the same name in the ovary, breast and pancreas

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