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pediatric follicular lymphoma

Tuesday 6 March 2007

Follicular lymphoma is a very rare lymphoid malignancy in pediatric patients.

Histologic and immunophenotypic criteria can reliably separate PFL and UFL and that UFL is exceptionally rare in the pediatric age group. PFL associated with particular anatomic sites have distinctive features


- follicular architecture
- grade 2 or 3 histologic features (74%)


- B-cell lineage: CD10+ (80%), CD20+, CD79a+, and BCL-6+
- Bcl-2 (30%)
- CD21 accentuated networks of dendritic reticulum cells within the nodules
- cells negative for BCL-2, p53, and T-cell antigens

Molecular biology

- no t(14;18) detected by polymerase chain reaction


- testis (11260636)


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