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Tuesday 15 May 2007

Haplogroup K

Starting from specimens of the intestinal contents of the so-called Tyrolean Iceman or Otzi (5,350-5,100 years before present), it was possible by polymerase chain reaction to amplify fragments of the human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) control region that correspond to the sequence found in 1994 at the Munich and Oxford laboratories and which had been attributed to the original DNA of the mummy.

The mtDNA of the European population is currently divided into nine (H, T, U, V, W, X, I, J, and K) main groups (haplogroups). The K haplogroup, in particular, is composed of two (K1 and K2) subclusters.

The results demonstrate that the Iceman’s mtDNA belongs to the haplogroup K and the K1 subcluster, but it does not fit any of the three known branches (K1a, K1b, and K1c) into which the K1 subcluster is presently divided.


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