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12q13-15 amplification

Friday 1 June 2007

Definition: Amplification of the 12q13-15 region is a common event in several human tumors including liposarcomas, gliomas, osteosarcomas and melanomas.

See also

- MDM2 amplification
- CDK4 amplification


- adipocytic tumors : liposarcomas

- intimal sarcoma

- nonchondroid pulmonary hamartoma preceding a well-differentiated liposarcoma (17001166)

- glial tumors

- malignant melanoma
- rhabdomyosarcomas
- osteosarcomas (9935200)
- melanomas (16419059)
- rhabdomyosarcomas
- osteosarcomas (9935200)

Nota benè: The characteristic supernumerary rings and giant chromosomes of well-differentiated and dedifferentiated liposarcomas (WDLPS/DDLPS) are composed of amplified material from chromosome 12q13-15.

Driver genes (centromere to telomere)

- CDK4
- MDM2

See also

- regional amplifications

  • 12q13 amplification

- CDK4-TSPAN31 amplicon
- HMGA2-MDM2 amplicon


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