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Wednesday 6 June 2007

Her­ceptin ®

Trastuzumab is an anti-ErbB-2 (human epidermal growth factor receptor 2) monoclonal antibody.

Trastuzumab is widely used for advanced breast cancer patients with ERBB2-amplified tumors. Nevertheless, over half of these patients do not have an objective response.

Her­ceptin ® (trastuzumab) treat­ment is iden­ti­fied by the HER-2/neu recep­tor and is used in Breast can­cer: about 30% of can­cers have an over-expression of HER-2 pro­tein, which respond to Herceptin.

Trastuzumab improves survival rate in women with metastatic breast cancer.


Symptomatic heart failure, a serious adverse effect of trastuzumab, occurs in 1% to 4% of patients treated with the antibody, whereas left ventricular ejection fraction declines substantially in 10% of patients.

The prevalence of cardiotoxic effects of trastuzumab appears to increase with exposure to anthracyclines.

Patients who develop cardiotoxicity while receiving trastuzumab therapy generally improve once use of the agent is discontinued.

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