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MIM.604578 1q22

Friday 31 August 2007

AIM2 encodes a deduced 344-amino acid protein that contains a conserved sequence domain of approximately 200 amino acids shared with interferon-inducible genes as IFI16 (MIM.147586) and MNDA (MIM.159553) as well as a tyrosine kinase phosphorylation site.

Northern blot analysis revealed expression of a 2-kb AIM2 transcript in spleen, small intestine, and peripheral blood leukocytes as well as a slightly larger transcript in testis. Overexpression of AIM2 reversed the tumorigenic phenotype in a melanoma cell line.

AIM2 belongs to the HIN-200 family of interferon (IFN)-inducible proteins.

Colon carcinogenesis

Sequencing of the entire coding region of AIM2 revealed a high frequency of frameshift and missense mutations in primary MSI-H colon cancers and cell lines.

Biallelic AIM2 alterations were detected in 8 MSI-H colon tumors and cell lines. In addition, AIM2 promoter hypermethylation conferred insensitivity to IFN-gamma-induced AIM2 expression of three MSI-H colon cancer cell lines.

Inactivation of AIM2 by genetic and epigenetic mechanisms is frequent in MMR-deficient colorectal cancers, thus suggesting that AIM2 is a mutational target relevant for the progression of MSI-H colorectal cancers.


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