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Tuesday 4 November 2008 is a website dedicated to human pathology, the morphological and molecular study of human diseases. This study takes place at any level of organization of the human body (molecules, cells, tissues, organs, systems, body).

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Caution: Some images are graphic in nature and could hurt some people. No information contained in this base permits to base a clinical diagnosis.

Pathology: Molecular pathology is the study of anomalies of biomolecules, as nucleic acids, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. Morphological anomalies are microscopical lesions (cellular lesions and tissular lesions) or macroscopical lesions grouped in lesional syndromes. A lesional syndrome can be observed in several diseases. The several thousands of diseases described in humans can be classified according to their causes (etiology and etiological agents) as: genetic diseases (chromosomal diseases and monogenic diseases), infectious diseases, environnemental diseases (toxic diseases, drug-induced diseases), nutritional diseases, dysimmune diseases, senescence-associated diseases, tumors.

Diseases can progress through several physiopathological pathways: malformative, dysimmune, inflammatory, metabolic, toxic (biotoxic), vascular or tumoral.