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massive ovarian edema

Thursday 22 July 2010

Massive ovarian edema is an unusual clinical entity most often occurring in adolescence.

It is characterized by marked enlargement of one or both ovaries due to marked accumulation of edema fl uid in the ovarian stroma.

Massive ovarian edema may result from partial or intermittent torsion of the mesovarium, interfering with venous and lymphatic drainage, but not with arterial blood flow.


- Non-neoplastic unilateral ovarian enlargement

  • may be complicated by frank torsion
  • presents as abdominal mass
  • may be associated with precocious puberty
  • possible response to torsion / ischemia (Nogales et al 1996)

- Smooth surface
- Thickened capsule
- Edematous stroma

  • most marked centrally

- Stromal edema with scattered follicles
- Focal hemorrhage
- Scattered luteinized cells
- may be overlap with ovarian fibromatosis

  • more bilateral involvement
  • more dense collagen
  • less edema

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