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Friday 14 November 2003

cutaneous psoriasis


- neutrophils in stratum corneum in psoriasis, vs. pustule of Kogoj in stratum spinosum


The biopsy shows psoriasis, based on these findings: 1) parakeratosis with 2) an absent granular layer, 3) acanthosis (hyperplasia / overgrowth of the epidermis) most prominent at the rete ridges, 4) dermal chronic inflammation and prominent capillaries.

Another common finding is 5) neutrophils in the parakeratotic epidermis - called Munro microabscesses. The patient frequently has a scaly, silver rash.

A major clue to psoriasis is parakeratosis with an ABSENT GRANULAR LAYER. Other findings include prominent rete ridges, prominent dermal capillaries and inflammation, and Munro microabscesses - neutrophils in the parakeratotic epidermis.

-  epidermal anomalies in psoriais
- ungueal anomalies in psoriasis


- seen in up to 50% of psoriasis patients, more common in patients with psoriatic arthropathy
- histopath -> psoriasiform onychitis with spongiform pustulation, negative fungal special stains (see photos)
- differential -> onychomycosis, eczematous onychitis, Reiter syndrome

Susceptibility loci

- PSORS1 locus at 6p21 (12148091)
- IL12B variants (17236132)
- IL23R variants (17236132)


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