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pulmonary papillary adenocarcinoma

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Papillary adenocarcinoma of the lung

Definition: In the past, tumors with prominent papillary architecture were classified as BAC. There is increasing evidence, however, that tumors with papillae with secondary and tertiary branching of the papillae may have a worse prognosis than other adenocarcinomas. In the WHO 2004 system, papillary adenocarcinomas are classified separately.

In the 2011 new classification scheme, papillary tumors are divided into "pulmonary papillary adenocarcinoma" and "pulmonary micropapillary adenocarcinoma", the latter having a particularly poor prognosis.


- Wikimedia: pulmonary adenocarcinoma

Digital cases

- JRC:6076 : pulmonary papillary adenocarcinoma.
- JRC:6077 : pulmonary papillary adenocarcinoma.
- JRC:6078 : pulmonary papillary adenocarcinoma, in a scar.

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