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post-TURP granuloma

Sunday 22 January 2012

Post-TURP granulomas, post-trans-urethral resection of prostate


- Formerly ``eosinophilic prostatitis``
- No systemic symptoms, develop months to year after TURP or rarely after needle biopsy
- Occur after cautery in other sites
- Hair granuloma: post-TURP, hair probably embedded in prostate by earlier needle biopsy, (Hum Path 1996;27:196)


- central region of fibrinoid necrosis surrounded by pallisading histiocytes;
- resembles rheumatoid nodules;
- long tortuous granulomas may dissect tissue;
- minimal surrounding inflammation (lymphocytes, plasma cells, rare eosinophils);
- more eosinophils in first month after TURP, (AJSP 1984;8:217)