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testicular signet ring cell carcinoma

Monday 23 January 2012

Definition: Development of a somatic-type malignancy from a mixed germ cell tumor is a rare but recognized event and typically represented by sarcoma or, less commonly, by carcinoma.

This phenomenon is generally believed to result from progression of a teratomatous component.

In many cases, because of intermingling of other germ cell tumor components, the diagnosis is apparent; however, in rare cases, metastatic carcinoma to the testis or a novel primary tumor may be a diagnostic consideration.

- signet ring cells, mimicking metastatic carcinoma
- possible metastatic deposits composed of teratoma and yolk sac tumor
- Fluorescence in situ hybridization: abnormalities of chromosome 12p - i(12p)

Signet ring carcinoma cells in an orchiectomy specimen, although usually strongly suggestive of metastatic adenocarcinoma from a primary tumor in another organ, may be a primary testicular neoplasm of germ cell tumor origin.


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