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pulmonary tumor thrombotic microangiopathy

Tuesday 14 February 2012

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Pulmonary tumor thrombotic microangiopathy is rarely diagnosed condition distinct from ordinary pulmonary embolism and primary pulmonary hypertension.

Pulmonary tumor thrombotic microangiopathy manifests with multiple microthrombi that may contain cancer cells and extensive fibrocellular intimal proliferation of the small pulmonary arteries resulting in general microvascular obliteration and subsequent pulmonary hypertension.

According to the literature, tumor pulmonary embolism causes direct death or unexplained dyspnea in less than 1 to 3% of all cancer cases of patients with already diagnosed malignant tumors.

The lungs macroscopicaly did not show any evidence of pulmonary embolism or metastasis, but only congestion that was considered to be the terminal manifestation of shock.