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dedifferentiated high-grade osteosarcoma

Friday 23 March 2012

Low-grade osteosarcomas comprise a distinct subset of osteosarcomas.

They may occasionally dedifferentiate into high-grade tumors, typically in the form of high-grade osteosarcoma, which are histologically indistinguishable from conventional osteosarcomas.

MDM2 and CDK4 are often amplified in low-grade osteosarcomas and their dedifferentiated counterparts, and the encoded proteins are accordingly overexpressed.

MDM2/CDK4 gene amplification status, determined by quantitative polymerase chain reaction in selected cases, is largely concordant with immunoexpression.

MDM2 and CDK4 coexpression in high-grade osteosarcomas is sensitive and specific to those that progressed from low-grade osteosarcomas.


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