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mammary sarcomas

Thursday 5 July 2012

Definition : Primary breast sarcoma (PBS) is a rare and heterogeneous group.

Breast sarcoma, excluding phyllodes tumor, is an extremely rare and heterogeneous group of malignancies, constituting less than 1% of total breast malignancies and less than 5% of all soft tissue sarcomas (STS)1.

It can be divided into two categories:
- de novo development (primary)
- or therapy-related development (secondary).

Although clinical features of primary breast sarcoma (PBS) mimic mammary adenocarcinoma in some ways, it conveys a high risk of recurrence and carries a significantly worse prognosis.

Types (examples)

- mammary fibrosarcoma
- angiosarcoma

Digital cases

- JRC:5320 : mammary fibrosarcoma.
- JRC:5321 : mammary fibrosarcoma.
- JRC:5322 : mammary fibrosarcoma.
- JRC:5406 : mammary sarcoma (Metastatic to lung).
- JRC:5392 : mammary osteosarcoma (in a dog).

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