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diffuse large B-cell lymphomas with non-germinal center B-cell phenotype

Thursday 4 July 2013

Definition: Diffuse large B-cell lymphomas (DLBCL) with low/absent CD20/CD79a and an immunophenotype indicative of terminal B-cell differentiation (MUM1/CD38/CD138/EMA-positive).

Gene expression profiling studies of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma have identified two major subtypes, those with an expression pattern similar to normal germinal center B-cells and those similar to the activated peripheral blood cells, with the former carrying a significantly better prognosis after chemotherapy.

Using immunohistochemistry (CD10, bcl-6, and IRF4/MUM-1), Hans et al. classified diffuse large B-cell lymphomas into germinal center B-cell vs non-germinal center B-cell phenotype and found a good concordance with gene expressing profiling and a better prognosis in the group with germinal center B-cell phenotype than that with non-germinal center B-cell phenotype, a similar finding to the gene expression profiling studies.

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