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discoid lupus

Saturday 30 April 2016

Discoid lupus erythematosus




- epidermal hypolasia / epidermal atrophy or epidermal hyperplasia
- attenuation of rete ridges / flattening of rete ridges
- hyperkeratosis and follicular keratotic plugging
- basement membrane thickening
- vacuolar degeneration with keratinocyte apoptosis in the basal layer
- cell poor infiltrate in the papillary dermis in most cases
- lichenoid infiltrate / band-like infiltrate composed of lymphocytes in some cases
- dermal dilated blood vessels
- dermal edema
- dermal pigmentary incontinence
- dense superficial and deep dermal lymphocytic infiltrate around the adnexae and vessels

- increased plasma cells in dermis
- increased mucin in dermis
- pilosebaceous unit damage and broad zones of dermal fibrosis

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