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molecular pathology of pancreatic FNA

Saturday 15 October 2016

EUS FNA of the pancreas; molecular pathology of FNA of the pancreas

- mutational profiling

- mutational profiling of the cytocentrifugation supernatant fluid

  • In a study, 5/23 samples cytologically confirmed as adenocarcinoma showed detectable mutations both in the microdissected slide-based cytology cells and in the cytocentrifugation supernatant. (24051700)
  • While most mutations detected were present in both microdissected slides and supernatant fluid specimens, the latter showed additional mutations supporting greater sensitivity for detecting relevant DNA damage.
  • Clonality for individual marker mutations was higher in the supernatant fluid than in microdissected cells.
  • Cytocentrifugation supernatant fluid contains levels of amplifiable DNA suitable for mutation detection and characterization.
  • The finding of additional detectable mutations at higher clonality indicates that supernatant fluid may be enriched with tumor DNA.
  • Molecular analysis of the supernatant fluid could serve as an adjunct method to reduce sampling variability and increase diagnostic yield, especially in cases with a high clinical suspicion for malignancy and limited number of atypical cells in the smears.

Molecular Targets

- Cancer gene mutations


- PancraGEN by Interpace Diagnostics

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