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molecular pathology of thyroid cytology

Sunday 16 October 2016

Thyroid FNA molecular studies

Fine-needle aspiration (FNA) cytology is a common approach to evaluate thyroid nodules. It offers definitive diagnosis of a benign or malignant nodule in the majority of cases. However, 10-25% of nodules yield one of three indeterminate cytologic diagnoses, leading to suboptimal management of these patients.

Atypia of undetermined significance/follicular lesion of undermined significance (AUS/FLUS) is a common indeterminate diagnosis, with the cancer risk ranging from 6% to 48%.




- gene expression classifier (GEC)

  • Afirma gene expression classifier / Afirma GEC

- ThyGenX

- ThyroSeq
- *The ThyroSeq v2.1 panel includes 14 genes analyzed for point mutations and 42 types of gene fusions occurring in thyroid cancer.

  • The most frequently mutated genes were NRAS and HRAS.
  • ThyroSeq v2.1 was able to classify 20/22 cancers correctly, showing a sensitivity of 90.9% [confidence interval (CI) 78.8-100], specificity of 92.1% [CI 86.0-98.2], positive predictive value of 76.9% [CI 60.7-93.1], and negative predictive value of 97.2% [CI 78.8-100], with an overall accuracy of 91.8% [CI 86.4-97.3]. (26621130)
  • the ThyroSeq v2.1 multi-gene NGS panel of molecular markers provides both high sensitivity and high specificity for cancer detection in thyroid nodules with AUS/FLUS cytology, which should allow improved management for these patients.

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