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white sponge nevus

Tuesday 23 May 2017

WSN, or white sponge naevus, Cannon’s disease, hereditary leukokeratosis of mucosa, white sponge nevus of Cannon, familial white folded dysplasia, oral epithelial nevus


Definition: White sponge nevus is an autosomal dominant condition of the oral mucosa (the mucous membrane lining of the mouth). It is caused by a mutations in certain genes coding for keratin, which causes a defect in the normal process of keratinization of the mucosa. This results in lesions which are thick, white and velvety on the inside of the cheeks within the mouth. Usually, these lesions are present from birth or develop during childhood. The condition is entirely harmless, and no treatment is required


- White sponge nevus 9 yo buccal mucosa dx pearl extensive suprabasal vacuolization

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