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Krenn and Morawietz score for synovitis

Monday 7 August 2017

This synovitis score is based on well-defined, reproducible histopathological criteria and may contribute to diagnosis in rheumatic and non-rheumatic joint diseases.

Three features of chronic synovitis (enlargement of lining cell layer, cellular density of synovial stroma, leukocytic infiltrate) are semiquantitatively evaluated (from 0, absent to 3, strong) and each feature was graded separately.

The sum provided the synovitis score, which was interpreted as follows: 0-1, no synovitis; 2-4, low-grade synovitis; 5-9, high-grade synovitis.

A high-grade synovitis is strongly associated with rheumatic joint diseases (P@<@0.001, sensitivity 61.7%, specificity 96.1%).

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