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Wednesday 27 December 2017

oral leukoplakia


Definition: Leukoplakia generally refers to a firmly attached white patch on a mucous membrane. It can be associated with an increased risk of cancer when an epithelial dysplasia is associated. See also : oral keratosis

The edges of the lesion are typically abrupt and the lesion changes with time. Advanced forms may develop red patches. There are generally no other symptoms.

It usually occurs within the mouth, although sometimes mucosa in other parts of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, or genitals may be affected.

Leukoplakia is a descriptive term that should only be applied after other possible causes are ruled out.

Tissue biopsy generally shows increased keratin build up with or without abnormal cells, but is not diagnostic. Other conditions that can appear similar include yeast infections, lichen planus, and keratosis due to repeated minor trauma. The lesions from a yeast infection can typically be rubbed off while those of leukoplakia cannot.


- proliferative verrucous leukoplakia (Leucoplasia verrucosa proliferativa)

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