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endometrial clear cell carcinoma

Sunday 15 April 2018

Clear Cell Carcinoma of Endometrium; clear cell endometrial carcinoma ; uterine Clear Cell Carcinoma


Definition : Clear cell carcinomas comprise about 5% of endometrial carcinomas. They consist of clear cells or hobnail cells in papillary, tubular, or solid growth patterns (shown here). The cytoplasm ranges from clear to eosinophilic. Cytologic atypia ranges from minimal to marked in different parts of the tumor.

The tumor shows tubulo-cystic and papillary architecture in this image. The overall histologic findings and immunohistochemical features support Mullerian origin for this tumor. Some cases of clear cell carcinoma show dense stromal hyalinization.

The tumor is composed of polygonal cells with abundant clear cytoplasm (due to glycogen content). It has distinct cytoplasmic borders and moderate cytologic atypia.

The histologic features are similar to its counterpart seen in ovary, cervix and vagina. Clear cell carcinoma of the endometrium is thought to be related to papillary serous carcinoma with which it shares some morphologic features.



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