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mesonephric carcinoma of the female genital tract

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Mesonephric carcinomas of the gynecologic tract are neoplasms that are often under-recognized due to their varied morphologic appearances.


GATA3 and TTF1 have been reported to be useful immunohistochemical markers for distinguishing mesonephric carcinomas from its morphologic mimics.

In summary, GATA3 was the best overall marker for mesonephric and mesonephric-like carcinomas, but cannot be used to distinguish mesonephric carcinosarcomas from Müllerian carcinosarcomas.

The inverse staining pattern between GATA3 and TTF1, suggests that TTF1 may be useful when GATA3 is negative in small biopsies where mesonephric or mesonephric-like carcinoma is suspected.

The greater TTF1 positivity in mesonephric-like carcinomas suggests they may be biologically different from prototypical mesonephric carcinomas.

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