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foveolar hyperplasia

Wednesday 21 January 2004

Definition: Foveolar hyperplasia is recognized by increased length and tortuosity of the foveolae combined with expansion of the proliferative compartment and an increase in nuclear size relative to the mucin-depleted cytoplasm.


- Menetrier’s disease : foveolar hyperplasia , elongated gastric pits , atrophic oxyntic glands , edematous lamina propria

- Reactive gastropathy - chemical gastropathy : prominent foveolar hyperplasia & splayed smooth muscle fibres. NSAID use.

Foveolar hyperplasia arises as either a compensatory response to increased cell exfoliation from the surface or as a response to cytokine stimulation or other inflammatory mediators, such as transforming growth factor alpha (TGFA).

Thus some degree of foveolar hyperplasia may be seen in all forms of gastritis, but it is most pronounced in chemical gastritis.


- focal foveolar hyperplasia
- diffuse foveolar hyperplasia ( Menetrier disease )