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vertebral hemangioma

Thursday 2 April 2020

The incidence of vertebral hemangiomas is about 10% at autopsy . The majority of hemangiomas are incidentally noted on routine radiographs of the spine. Often, small hemangiomas cannot be visualized on radiographs and are found with more advanced imaging such as CT or MRI, or upon gross dissection. The occurrence of vertebral hemangiomas is seen slightly more in females for unknown reasons and is more symptomatic in the 4th decade of life.

See also

- osseous hemangioma / hemangioma of bone


Osseous hemangiomas are composed of vascular spaces which causes a displacement of the bone. It has two main histopathological types :
- cavernous (involves relatively large vessels)
- capillary (involves small capillaries) angiomas.

In some cases, specifically capillary types, lytic erosion into the epidural space can occur, however rare. They are slow-growing and most are not symptomatic.