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Wednesday 11 February 2004

Herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) is a ubiquitous virus known to cause febrile syndromes and exanthema subitum in children. Less commonly, and particularly in organ transplant recipients, it may result in hepatitis, bone marrow suppression, interstitial pneunonitis, and meningoencephalitis.


- HHV6-associated hepatitis
- HHV6-associated myocarditis (11577130)
- HHV6-associated bone marrow suppression
- HHV6-associated interstitial pneunonitis
- HHV6-associated meningoencephalitis
- HHV6-associated gastroduodenitis (immunosuppressed individuals)
- HHV6-associated pancreatitis (immunosuppressed individuals)


- cytopathic effect

- electron microscopy

  • herpes particles with a thick tegument layer in the duodenum
  • multinucleate giant cells and enveloped virions with a prominent tegument

- polymerase chain reaction

  • amplification of HHV6 sequences

- Serology

  • anti HHV-6 antibodies


- immunosuppression

. Thus, HHV-6 variant A can cause gastroduodenitis and pancreatitis in . Multinucleate giant cells and enveloped virions with a prominent tegument can be used as morphologic criteria to raise the possibility of HHV-6 infection in human biopsy tissue.


- HHV6-associated hepatitis


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