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prostatic adenomyomatous hyperplasia

Tuesday 14 July 2020

prostatic nodular hyperplasia ; Benign prostatic hyperplasia ; benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH)



- benign adenyomatous hyperplasia

  • hyperplasia of glandular and stromal tissue with papillary buds, infoldings and cysts
  • possible squamous metaplasia
  • possible infarction
  • begins around urethra where ejaculatory ducts enter prostate (transitional or periurethral zone)

- basal cell layer is present and continuous
- stromal changes are increased smooth muscle, lymphocytes and ducts (not associated with infectious process of prostatitis in most cases)
- reduced elastic tissue

- Variations

  • sclerosing adenosis
  • fibroadenoma-like hyperplasia
  • phyllodes-like hyperplasia
  • leiomyoma-like nodules
  • fibromyxoid nodules
  • associated with infarct

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